ShiftMeals sprang up as a local food response to COVID-19 thanks to many unique community partnerships

Behind the headlines of free meals and community gardens, is a deeper story of individuals. This project is dynamic, co-creative, and would not be possible without the many cooks, visionaries, eaters, people picking up and distributing meals to their neighbors, gardeners, funders, and supporters. Each of us have stepped up, asked for help, and worked together to create a community solution that we all can benefit from. 

As Vermonters, the story of ShiftMeals is your story as much as anyone else’s and we are eager to provide a space for you to tell it.  In order to do that, we are looking for short, self-made videos shot from your phone or a friend’s phone. 

Why does ShiftMeals matter to you?

Please share what you are learning, feeling and experiencing during this time. Look daily for things that jump out to you as important, beautiful, inspiring or poignant, and capture a snippet of it. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram and use #ShiftMeals or send us your videos directly to [email protected]

Day in and day out it is amazing to see what we are creating together. Over 40,000 nourishing meals, made by our amazing ShiftMeals production team, have been distributed for free in five Vermont counties through a series of community partnerships in just 10 weeks! 7 farms and gardens (and growing) across Vermont are helping to feed bodies, minds, and spirits. 

This would not be possible without you.

Thank You! We can’t wait to hear from you.