Morse Block Deli located in Barre is a prime example of what farm to table really stands for. MBD, founded and based on a passion for local, low carbon footprint food, uses as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and even goes as far as to make their own deli meat when they aren’t using Vermont Salumi.

While being a part of the Everyone Eats program which required at least 10% of the ingredients in the meals to be locally sourced, MBD says they were comfortably using upwards of 60%, both in their EE meals and on their menu items. Over the course of Everyone Eats from October through December they provided upwards of 7,000 locally sourced meals through both meal distribution and the Digital Voucher Program.

Around 60% of ingredients used at Morse Block Deli are locally sourced from Vermont

Morse Block, like many of the restaurants who participated in the Everyone Eats program, is worried now that the program has come to a pause—as further funding is explored. On any given day MBD was used to seeing about 50% of their orders coming from the Digital Voucher Program and relied on this to help keep their staff employed while also continuing to source local ingredients.

As Everyone Eats explores further funding options during this pause, we ask that you continue to support the restaurants like Morse Block Deli and the 100+ others who stepped up to join the Everyone Eats program in this time of uncertainty. Shop local, shop small, and support your neighbors!