Thank you Susie, Corie, Hannah and Angela for joining us for a wonderful discussion about womxn and femmes in farming.

To watch the webinar recording go here.

This panel examined gender based disparities in Vermont’s food system, specifically when discussing the role of caretakers, who historically tend to be womxn. Zymora Davinchi, ShiftMeals’ BIPOC Food Sovereignty Program Manager and facilitator for this panel opened up the discussion by reading a quote from Vermont Organic Dairy Farmer, Abbie Corse.

As a mother and a farmer, I am raising the next generation while producing food. Both, I would argue, are foundational and valuable contributions to society. And yet, these roles remain both invisible and seemingly undervalued in contemporary America.

From I’m a Farmer and a Mother. Both Roles Should be Valued More, Civil Eats

Panelists reflected on this quote by acknowledging the way in which womxn and femmes, who are most commonly viewed as caretakers, are held to certain expectations by not only society, but themselves. The COVID-19 pandemic has also amplified the way in which these expectations around caregiving are unsustainable, exposing a fractured system that is in desperate need of reimagining.

Susie Walsh Daloz, Food and Farm Director at VYCC, acknowledged the need for a cultural shift in expectations placed on not just womxn and femmes farmers, but those working in farming and growing food more generally.

Growing food and feeding our community is caretaking… That’s a role and mindset that we want to bring to our food production and food consumption.

Our panelists also discussed the way in which cross-farm collaboration is important in fostering support systems and altering expectations. Corie Pierce, owner of Bread and Butter Farm added that – it’s important to not look at other farms as competitors, but as collaborators. Especially in regards to womxn and femmes within these systems Corie adds, “Finding ways to support each other is only going to make us all stronger.” 

We hope you will watch the full panel and share this with your friends, neighbors and fellow community members.

Here’s where you can find our panelists: 

Susie Walsh Daloz, VYCC |

Corie Pierce, Bread and Butter Farm |

Hannah Baxter, Intervale Center |

Angela deBettencourt, Feeding Chittenden |

We hope you will join us for our next panel: Grassroots Organizing as a Form of Local Resiliency.