A Local Food Response

to COVID-19

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ShiftMeals is a dynamic, responsive model for food security. 

We create a safety net for the food insecure by providing meals and gardens to our communities and effectively advocating for legislation to scale this model. 

Please join us in building a reciprocal food economy. 

With thousands losing jobs across Vermont, and state food shelves inundated with people to feed, ShiftMeals provides nourishing meals and gardens for those in need. 

We use restaurants to serve anyone and everyone who needs a meal. You might not have the cash, you might not have access to the store, it doesn’t matter, if you need help, we are here for you.

Restaurants nourish us and our communities. ShiftMeals is proof that restaurants can and should be part of the charitable food system. By catalyzing scalable statewide and national programs, we will extend our impact to other restaurants and communities, providing hundreds of thousands of meals to those in need. 

ShiftMeals GrowTeams provides an ongoing safety net for those in need, organizing group gardens that provide reliable produce for the people, agricultural education and community connectivity. After volunteers earn their own CSA, any excess produce is donated to the food insecure.

ShiftMeals is currently working with the statewide program Everyone Eats to expand the programming statewide. Learn more about Everyone Eats!

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