Collective Gardening Opportunities in Vermont

There are collective community gardens sprouting up all over the place. Check out these gardens and consider adding yours to our listing. Be sure to check out our GrowTeam gardens.  

Collective community gardening empowers individuals to reclaim their food sovereignty by providing access to land, tools, mentorship, and collaborators to share the garden work. Gardening together is fun and builds community. Sharing resources like land, and tools  saves money and reduces barriers. Food grown by friends and neighbors is the most delicious.

Collective Gardening Resources

Northstar Collective | Marshfield VT

The Northstar Collective project is a Youth-led but multi-generational food sovereignty project. We’re growing herbs and plants for BIPOC groups around the state as well as for ourselves, our volunteers, and our community. We’re up and running already for the growing season, and we want to work with YOU.

We are actively seeking mentors and volunteer support for our North Star Collective, which will occasionally include an amazing crew of 6 enthusiastic kids of color between 6-14 who are just joining our family! We’re planting 300-400 trees in our new nursery on April 24th, and putting up the greenhouse on May 2nd! We also have ongoing forestry and construction projects, and more regenerative agricultural projects and workshops throughout the summer. We’d also love to hear your ideas for farm projects you’d like to get off the ground here at the center, and are welcoming proposals

Here’s the link to sign up to help out!

The People’s Farm | Burlington VT

The People’s Farm is a 1.5-acre community powered farm in Burlington’s

Intervale. We grow vegetables for ourselves and to donate to our local charitable food system. We are seeking a group of committed volunteers who are passionate about learning,

growing food, and feeding their community! All experience levels welcome.

More info here.

Sign up: email [email protected]

Cooperative Gardens Commission

Founded in march 2020, the cooperative gardens commission (CGC) is a grassroots collective working toward food sovereignty in response to the covid19 pandemic and persistent injustice.

The Cooperative Gardens Commission is composed of hundreds of volunteers from across North America working as a collective to facilitate the conscientious sharing of resources — including seeds, soil, equipment, labor, land, and knowledge — and build solidarity across traditional divides. We are farmers, gardeners, activists, and organizers. We believe increasing local food production can help build community power and resilience.

Resource sharing map:

Get involved:

The Garden at 485 Elm

At the Garden at 485 Elm in Montpelier, friends and neighbors share gardening space on what used to be a lawn. This reduces our carbon footprint and helps protect the natural riverside habitat along the property. Together, we grow food and flowers, operate a small-scale composting system, learn from each other, and enjoy each other’s company. We each contribute to the garden’s expenses, which are much more affordable when pooling modest funds. We share crops with neighbors who might not have access to fresh, local food, and with local programs doing the same. We welcome inquiries from anyone curious about collective gardening and from community members interested in growing with us for the season. We appreciate donations of needful garden tools and supplies and assistance with projects. Email [email protected] and learn more at

The Homeward Bound Collective | Burlington, VT

The Homeward Bound Collective is a group of friends that grows food and flowers at the Rock Point South community garden space. Over the last six years we have improved the soil there and made much progress toward pushing out perennial weeds like thistles. In 2020, we gave over 100 pounds of vegetables and herbs to Food Not Bombs Burlington, and while we wouldn’t feel great about expressing these gifts’ values in dollars, its worth noting that much of it was high value, lightweight crops such as basil, kale, dill, cilantro, scallions and celery. We also build a beautiful deer fence from timber harvested sustainably from Rock Point’s forests. This year, we will likely contribute more; we have expanded our beds and gotten seeds and starts in the ground early!

Interesting in learning more: contact Sam Bliss, [email protected]

Upper Valley Apple Corps

Upper Valley Apple Corps plants and cares for free-for-the-picking fruit and nut trees, and edible landscapes in public spaces throughout the community. 

Together we are:

  • Building Skills necessary to plant, care for, and celebrate the trees that feed us;
  • Building Community through transforming the local landscape to enhance connections between land and people;
  • And, Raising Awareness of the need for greater food security and of the beauty and value of an edible landscape.

Upper Valley Apple Corps operates under the fiscal sponsorship of ONRCD

Contact us at [email protected], or find us on Facebook.

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