This week we would like to show our appreciation towards Butch + Babe’s for being another one of the over 100 restaurants participating in Vermont Everyone Eats. In the last 8 weeks, Butch & Babe’s has provided over 5,000 free meals to those impacted by COVID-19 through the Everyone Eats program and are looking to reach 7,000 meals by the end of the month.

Since the start of the pandemic Butch & Babe’s, like every restaurant, has had to find ways to adapt to the guidelines being set by state officials. For them, it meant reducing their menu and finding ways to provide more take-out friendly items. Butch & Babe’s saw joining Everyone Eats as an opportunity to join a program that helps everyone involved, whether it be the local farmers & producers, or the members of the community who have become food insecure. They also saw it as an opportunity to be better supported by the government during these trying times because as Butch & Babe’s Owner Kortnee Bush puts it, “if we didn’t have Everyone Eats I’m not sure what the last 3 months would have looked like.”

And it’s not just about the much needed revenue. Head Chef Jackie Major, says last week they purchased about 20x more local kale from Pitchfork Farm than they would have without this program. Restaurants buying local, feeding local, and staying afloat: that’s what Everyone Eats is all about.

Butch & Babe’s has quickly become a staple in the Old North End of Burlington and celebrates its 6th year anniversary on the 26th of this month. Visit to learn more about how you can sign up and support local restaurants like Butch & Babe’s through Everyone Eats as they do work to help those in our community.