Since the expansion of Everyone Eats distribution, Harry’s Hardware located in Cabot has prepared over 3,200 meals for Vermonters and through their own donated time and resources, made and distributed free holiday meals this past Christmas. 

Co-owners Alia Clary and Johanna Thibault were in for a surprise when they were hit with the restaurant shutdown just 6 weeks after opening their newly renovated kitchen. The impressively unique hardware store/bar combo is known for its family-friendly environment, and welcomed live music every weekend. Alia and Johanna say they were lucky to have the storefront to help keep them afloat through the shutdown. By being a part of the Everyone Eats program or as Harry’s likes to call it, “Feed the People”, they were able to keep their kitchen open and continue employing their chef Kathryn Hansis while doing work and making meals they knew their community needed.

Even before the expansion of the program, Harry’s Hardware was looking for ways they could join or do something similar on their own, citing their hearts of service and love for the village of Cabot. With the end of the program’s funding, Harry’s said they are already brainstorming ways they can continue to provide for the community outside of Everyone Eats.

Harry’s Hardware is ecstatic to see the number of businesses supporting local farmers and producers through this program and hopes more will continue to do so even after it ends. Joining Everyone Eats has been very rewarding for Harry’s Hardware because of the support they were able to provide to the community while also getting support through federal funding- a win-win for all.

If you’ve never been to Harry’s Hardware, it’s a classic “only in Vermont” institution doing great work for their community. Please support them if you can!