Pingala Cafe is one of over 100 Vermont restaurants that have stepped up to support those impacted by COVID-19 through Vermont’s Everyone Eats program. They are providing upwards of 1,200 meals a week through charitable distribution and the digital voucher program.

At the start of the first lockdown, Pingala closed their cafe doors to dine-in and started looking for ways they could further adapt to stay afloat, or as Pingala Owner, Trevor Sullivan puts it- “the pandemic created a lot of space to be creative”.

Pingala lucked out that they were already well-positioned to start to-go only service as they are a fast casual eatery with a food-truck inspired menu. By joining Everyone Eats, Pingala has been able to live out their mission by making vegan food more accessible while still earning a steady stream of revenue. For them this has been a much-needed revenue source to make up for the lack of festivals and events this past summer in which Pingala had previously relied on.

Vegan comfort food

Pingala is making a variety of vegan Everyone Eats meals ranging from Italian to Indian inspired. They have also been working hard to find ways to better mass-produce meals that are then sent out to Everyone Eats meal distribution sites.

Visit to learn more about Everyone Eats, how you can sign up and support local restaurants like Pingala as they do work for the betterment of our community.