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Right now, two important bills sit on Governor Scott’s desk waiting to either be vetoed or passed into legislation. The first is S.54, a bill that would tax and regulate cannabis — having large and lasting impacts on Vermont’s economy. The second is S.234, an expungement bill that would automatically eradicate many past low level marijuana charges. You can find out more about the bills here.

Last Thursday, we had the incredible opportunity to hear from 6 womxn and femme leaders in Vermont’s cannabis industry regarding their standpoints on these two bills. There were strong voices both in favor and against the passing of these bills.

Monica Donovan of Heady Vermont asserted that this bill should be seen as a starting point that can be eventually molded and shaped to meet the needs of our communities. She worried about the damage and continued harm that could come from two more years of cannabis not being regulated in Vermont.

Harmony Edosomwan, author and racial justice warrior, does not believe these bills are doing enough to make up for the longstanding and devastating impacts that the war on drugs has had on Black and Brown communities. She explained:

“When we talk about these bills we need to center the most marginalized people first. We need the foundation to be accepting and including everyone. That is the only way there can be true justice in the first place.”

It’s impossible to fully recap last week’s incredibly insightful and dynamic conversation,  so please give it a watch to hear and learn from these incredible womxn.

Here’s where you can find out more about this week’s panelists:

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